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Nite on the Town Restaurant Discount Card, image and link

The Nite On The Town Card is an exclusive membership card that enables the holder to dine at a dizzying variety of the San Gabriel Valley's most popular restaurants at a discounted price.

Simply include your card when paying your check. If you are a party of two, one of your entrees (equal or lower priced) will be free or substantially reduced in price. If there are four or more in your party, two of your entrees will be free or reduced in price and you can visit each restaurant up to three times during 2011 and get a great discount each time

Periodically, readers save $5 off the $30 price of the card.  Check back for savings.

Partial list of NOTT Card participants

Beckham Grill, La Fiesta Grande, El Portal, Stoney Point, Radhika, Firefly Bistro, Cafe Mundial, Central Park, Matt Denny's, 1810, Cha Da Thai, Dish, Italian Kitchen, Bella Sera and dozens more. 

Click here to view the complete list, and to see the discount each restaurant offers to Nite On The Town Card holders.

Nite on the Town Restaurant Discount Card, image and link

Press Releases from The Coburn Group regarding



Nite on the Town, San Gabriel Valley to Join Forces in Offering San Gabriel Valley Diners Convenience, Savings


Nite On The Town is a unique membership dining club that offers members substantial savings at a wide selection of fine restaurants in the Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley area. Beginning its eleventh year, Nite On The Town has often been called “The best dining deal in the LA area”. Members typically recoup their $25 annual membership fee in one or two restaurant visits. “Our restaurant selection is unsurpassed and we think our members are among the most savvy and discerning diners in the area” says Nite On The Town president David Lunan. Nite On The Town’s motto sums it up well: “Fine dining for smart people”.


Now, by going to SG Valley Menus.Com and clicking on the link to Nite On The Town, members will be able to get fast information on new restaurant additions. They will be able to receive timely updates on special events, and other items of interest at participating restaurants. They will also be informed about additional time sensitive restaurant bonus offers open exclusively to them.


San Gabriel Valley, a division of The Coburn Group, offers diners the opportunity to search for restaurants by city, by type of cuisine, or type of restaurant.  Once the restaurant has been selected, the diner is taken to a page where it can view the menu of the restaurant, as well as location and contact information, hours of operation, and information of interest such as does the restaurant take reservations, have a kid’s menu, banquet facilities, senior discounts, food to go, etc..  In addition, the website offers diners the opportunity to download and print coupons from more than two dozen of the 67 restaurants that are currently on the site.  Begun in June, 2003, the restaurant website started slowly due to other commitments, but since Sept. 15, has signed up 59 of the 67 restaurants.  With 4,000 restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley, has set a mid-2005 20% market penetration goal, (800 menus).  By keeping the fee to a minimalist $5/mo., the site has been growing rapidly, and the goal is getting nearer all the time.


David Lunan is convinced that Nite On The Town’s large membership of active restaurant goers will flock to San Gabriel Valley Menus.Com. “In addition to being interested in information about their own dining club, our members are always on the lookout for new restaurants to try, and nothing tempts a foodie more than being able to study a restaurant’s whole menu”. At the same time he is excited about the possibility of exposing his popular club to even more people. “People coming to SG Valley Menus .Com, in addition to being able to browse through dozens of  restaurant menus,  are also going to be exposed to the best dining deal available in the SG Valley and given the opportunity to become members.”    Bill Coburn, president of The Coburn Group stated that “it seems like four-way winning situation, in that the diners, including the Nite on the Town members, benefit by increased availability of savings and information about the restaurants on the net, the restaurants benefit by increased exposure, Nite on the Town benefits by expanding the services it has to offer to its members and potential members, and San Gabriel Valley benefits by increased traffic and increased exposure to possible “tenants” on its site.


The new section of the website (scheduled to debut at the beginning of  2004, if not sooner) will offer the same brief descriptions of the restaurant that members receive in the Nite on the Town booklet, plus the updates and special offers.  However, when a Nite on the Town Card member restaurant signs on with San Gabriel Valley, their menus will be made available not only to Nite on the Town Card members, but to all who visit the website.  Of course, only members of Nite on the Town will receive the Nite on the Town discount card.  The website will also offer a downloadable form that diners can use to become members of Nite on the Town. 


To access the Nite on the Town section of the website, you need only go to and click on the link to Nite on the Town.




Date: 12/8/03

Restaurant Website Expanding Rapidly, Offers Diners Convenience, Savings

Sierra Madre - With the addition of seven new restaurants in the last week, (Caffe Opera, La Parisienne Restaurant Francais, Mediterranean Garden Grill and Seafood Haven, all in Monrovia, and California Chicken King, The Original Green Onion and Villa Italia, all in Duarte), has now reached long term agreements to post the menus of more than five dozen restaurants on the internet.  As of Friday, December 05, the website had reached agreement with sixty-two restaurants in eleven San Gabriel Valley cities to have their menus on the website.

The website allows diners to search for restaurants and their menus online, by City, type of cuisine, type of restaurant, or if you know which restaurant you are looking for, alphabetically.  In addition, the website offers restaurant reviews and coupons, ranging from free sodas with purchase to 20% off or even, buy a dinner - get a dinner at some locations.  Some restaurants offer free desserts with purchase, others offer a percentage off your check. was started in June of 2003 with the intent of offering smaller restaurants an affordable web presence, and diners who didn’t really know what restaurant sounded good that evening the opportunity to search by category or location.  In addition, diners have the opportunity to order food to be picked up, and to save money via coupons while doing so.



Contact: Bill Coburn –




(Sierra Madre)  --  With the addition of seven new restaurants in the past ten days (Badabing Pizzeria, Barney’s, Ltd., Equator Café and Soly Azul in Old Town Pasadena, Wildflour Baking Company in Sierra Madre and Mama Petrillo’s (Italian restaurants) in LaVerne and Temple City), San Gabriel Valley moved past the forty restaurant mark and closed in on the half century mark during the past week.  With forty-three restaurants in 11 San Gabriel Valley cities, San Gabriel Valley is among the fastest growing restaurant websites on the net, and certainly the fastest growing within its limited target area of the San Gabriel Valley.


San Gabriel Valley is a diner’s resource that not only allows people with access to the internet to find a place to eat without leaving home, but offers them the option of saving time by ordering food to-go for pick up from a restaurant’s online menu, and, in what may be the best news for San Gabriel restaurant goers, the opportunity to download and print coupons to save money when dining out.  Diners can search for restaurants alphabetically, or by city, type of cuisine, or type of restaurant (family casual, fine dining, drive through, etc.).


Katie Coburn had just finished lunch at a small mom and pop type diner in lower Arcadia, when the thought struck her that many places such as the one at which she had just eaten really were not as well known as they might be because they did not have a web presence, due to the initial cost (ranging from a couple hundred dollars and up) to design a website, and the ongoing cost of maintaining the site (frequently $20/month or more for the hosting alone, and changes to the site bring additional design costs).  It occurred to her that if there was one website where small dining establishments could put their menu online at a minimal cost, that website might draw traffic by virtue of the fact that there were many menus in one location that diners could review to make their choice.  If those restaurants added coupons, offering savings to the customers who found them online, word of mouth alone should soon make the website a valuable resource, not only for diners, but for the restaurant owners looking for new customers.


Katie is married to Bill Coburn of The Coburn Group, which offers marketing and public relations services, with an emphasis on web-based marketing.  Bill has designed and/or marketed several websites, including SierraMadreNews.Net,,, and others.  When she broached the subject with him, Bill agreed that the idea seemed viable, and decided that he would try to make the idea a reality.


He approached nine Sierra Madre restaurants, restaurants that he had worked with on Sierra Madre News Net and other marketing projects in the past.  Of those nine restaurants, seven signed up right away, and another, Wildflour Baking Company, has signed on this week.  He also approached Matt Denny’s in Arcadia, which immediately signed up, even though it was not ready to post its menu at that time.  Bill thought this was going quite well, and posted the website on June 19th, with those original eight menus.


Eight days later, on June 27th, he decided that even though it was quite early in the website’s lifespan, he was going to run some searches on the number one web search engine, Google, just to see if his website was showing up yet.  He was pleasantly surprised, (shocked is more accurate), to find that when he entered the names of 20 cities with the word menu in the search engine, San Gabriel Valley came back number 1 in the search results 18 times, with the other two results being number 2 and 3.  When he ran the search with the city name and the phrase restaurant menus, San Gabriel Valley came in as the number 1 search result 14 times, and in the other six cities, it was in the top five.  He then took the word menus out of the search, and used the much broader “restaurant” with the city names.  He found that in 16 of twenty cities, his website still came back in the coveted top 25 sites in the search results.  Even in the “big” city of Pasadena, which returned more than 78,000 search engine responses, San Gabriel Valley came in with a fairly good position at number sixty.


Due to some other projects, Bill didn’t have much time to work on the website during July and August, but turned his attention back to the website pretty much full time in mid-September.  Since then, he has added 35 restaurants, ranging from bakeries, to sandwich shops, to casual and fine dining.  The list ranges from brand new establishments like Bella Sera Trattoria in Monrovia and Don Reyes in Duarte, to long established restaurants, such as Domenico’s (Arcadia, Monrovia and Pasadena), El Encanto in Azusa, and Dino’s Italian Inn in Pasadena.


The site also currently offers more than 50 coupons, ranging from a free soda with purchase to reduced prices on pizzas, to 10% and 20% off at selected restaurants, and some restaurants even offer a 50% entrée or a free entrée with purchase of a second entrée.


Plans for the website include the addition of reviews (in the very near future, currently there are links to other sites that offer reviews), restaurant spotlights, and eventually, the ability to purchase gift certificates and marketing materials such as hats and t-shirts online through the site. 

############               #############            ##############            #############

Nov. 7, 2003

Local Company's Website Receives Rave Review in San Marino Tribune, a new website created by Sierra Madre's The Coburn Group has received a very favorable review by Food Editor Debra Jorgensen of the San Marino Tribune, who praised it for its easy to navigate design, being easy to read, and being informative.  She even called it a "brilliant idea."  To read the entire article, click here.   The website allows diners to search for restaurants by City, type of cuisine, or type of restaurant.  Once a City or category is selected, the diner is taken to a list of restaurants in that City or category, where they make their selection and are taken to that restaurant's web pages, featuring contact information, menus, and in many cases, coupons for valuable savings that they can print up in their home.

June 25, 2003

Village Pizzeria Joins List of Sierra Madre Restaurants, Arcadia Restaurant That Show Support For New Menu Website  Local restaurants Mary's Market and Cafe, K's Deli, Village Pizzeria, Sierra Madre Brewing Company2, Tailgators Mexican Grill and Cantina, and Restaurant Lozano have all signed up for a new website being produced by The Coburn Group.  The new website, located on the net at, will feature the menus of participating restaurants throughout the San Gabriel Valley, as well as Restaurant Reviews, spotlights, event schedules and coupons.  The website has been up just more than a week, and still has a lot of growing to do, but The Coburn Group would like to thank the Sierra Madre restaurants which have already shown their support for the idea by committing to be on the site.  We would also like to thank Matt Denny's Alehouse Restaurant, in Arcadia, which has committed to being on the website.

All menus (and prices) are subject to change without notice, menu items are subject to availability.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

When visiting these restaurants, be sure to mention that you saw them on San Gabriel Valley, so that our clients know their advertising dollars are well spent!!  Thanks.

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