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How much does it cost to be on the SGV Menus website?

Cost for one restaurant $125/yr (about $8/mo.)


What if we have more than one location?

Cost for two restaurants is $225/yr, cost for three or more restaurants is $100/yr. per restaurant, four or more is $175/yr. per location.


Does it have to be the same name?

No, as long as the parent company is the same, we’ll discount multiple locations whether they share a name or not.


Can I get my own domain name?

Yes, cost to add a dedicated Domain Name - $20 annual registration


How does the website work?

Customers can search alphabetically, by city, by type of cuisine (Italian, French, BBQ, etc.) or by type of restaurant (Casual, formal, breakfast, brunch, etc.). When they click on their search, they are taken to a page with a list of restaurants that fit that category. The list tells them preliminary info, such as do you have kids’ menus, senior discounts, outside dining, to go food, catering, etc… When they select your restaurant, they are taken to a page with your address, phone number, hours of operation, and all your menus.


Can we put a coupon on the site, to help us track results?

Yes, you can post unlimited coupons, at no additional charge.


Do you get a lot of traffic?

35,000+ visitor sessions per month, average


How do people find the site?

We have excellent Search Engine results (see below). Your restaurant will almost immediately be visible to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL, with the web pages for nearly all restaurants on the site showing in the top five Google results. And general search terms, such as “city name” restaurants and “city name” dining, score very well, too. We also have links to our site on many relevant websites, including,, Foothill Cities Blog, and many more.


Will you do the web design work?

Yes, we can, or if you’d prefer to provide your own design, that works, too.


How do we get started?

Just say “Sign us up”, give us your menu, answer a few short questions, and write us a check!!


“In the first 72 hours it was up, we had almost a dozen people mention that they saw our menu at your site. IT WORKS. It truly is a great resource for the dining public, particularly for restaurants that don't offer their own web site." -- Robin Salzer, Robin's Woodfire BBQ and Grill

In monitoring the marketing for a Pasadena restaurant client, I was pleased to see 9 coupons in 2 weeks from San Gabriel Valley, a number that compares well with print media outlets that cost 20 times as much as (or more than) And they were quality coupons, too, with a couple of $60 checks, a $100+ check. I’ll be recommending to my client that he stick with San Gabriel Valley…David Lunan, restaurant marketing consultant

"I need you to take down my coupon. I’ve gotten more than 100 of them redeemed, take it down, please.” -- Violet, Lebanese Kitchen


Searches conducted July 14, 2008

Specific Restaurant Name search

Restaurant Name/Search Criteria SGVM Dedicated Domain? SGVM Page Google Result SGVM DD Site Result Client Site Result Total Results
Alpha Omega Drive-thru 1 2 N/A 11,400
Barney's, Ltd. No 2 N/A 1 2,190,000
Barney's Only Place in Town No 1 N/A N/A 226,000
Big Mama's Rib Shack No 2 N/A 1 49,200
Chandra Thai No 1 N/A N/A 430,000
Charlie's Trio Café  No 2 N/A 1 189,000
Connal's Burgers 1 3 N/A 2,030
Corfu restaurant greek 1 7 N/A 212,000
DiPilla's Italian Restaurant 2 1 N/A 312
Four Seasons Tea Room No 9 N/A 4 316,000
Jake's Roadhouse No 1, 2 N/A N/A 632,000
Jim's Burgers Monrovia 1 5 N/A 34,500
Lebanese Kitchen No 1 N/A N/A 209,000
Los Gueros Mexican Restaurant 2, 3 1 N/A 15,400
Matt Denny's Alehouse No 3 N/A 1, 2 170,000
Mediterranean Garden Grill No 3 N/A 1, 2 245,000
Moffett's Family Restaurant 4, 5 1 N/A 21,500
Nikki C's No 2, 3 N/A 1 713,000
Pizza Cart 1 Not in top 30 N/A 10,100,000
Rick's Drive In and Out No 1 N/A N/A 396,000
Rigo's Mexican Food 1, 2 Uploaded same day N/A 40,000
Robin's BBQ No 3, 4 N/A 1, 2 1,780,000
Sam's Deli 10 1 N/A 482,000
Scardino's Pizza No 1, 2 N/A N/A 11,700
Original Shrimp House 1 Not in top 30 2 424,000
Stuffed Sandwich No 2 N/A 1 313,000
Victor's Villa Burgers No 1, 2 N/A 3, 4 302,000
Villa Italia Ristorante 1, 3, 29 Not in top 30 N/A 6, 150,000
Village Pizzeria Sierra Madre No 1, 2 N/A N/A 135,000
Wolfe Burgers No 8, 12 N/A 1, 2 150,000
Zelo's Pizza 1 Not in top 30* N/A 48,600  


All menus (and prices) are subject to change without notice, menu items are subject to availability.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

When visiting these restaurants, be sure to mention that you saw them on San Gabriel Valley, so that our clients know their advertising dollars are well spent!!  Thanks.

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