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Village Pizzeria is located at 41 N. Baldwin Ave., in Sierra Madre

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Italian Grinder

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Spaghetti and meatball comes with garlic bread

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Village Pizzeria in Sierra Madre Ė Gourmet Pizzas, Salads and Pastas


By Bill Coburn


Sierra Madre is known for its small town charm.  As I travel around the valley and meet people from all over, the one comment I hear most often from people when they find out my business is based in Sierra Madre is something along the lines of ĎSierra Madreís so nice, itís really a great little town.Ē  Of course the second most common phrase is, ďWhere is Sierra Madre again?Ē  As close as it is to Santa Anita race track (literally five minutes) and Old Town Pasadena (8 -10 minutes) itís amazing to me that there are so many people who donít know where it is. 


While Sierra Madre is known for many things, its annual Wistaria Festival, 4th of July events, Pioneer Days and Arts Fair; its proximity to great hiking trails (Mt. Wilson Trail, home of the annual Trail Race, and Bailey Park), its Mayberry style downtown business district, its winding canyon roads and homes where many of the munchkins settled after Wizard of Oz, its Sierra Madre Playhouse and Foothill Creative Arts Group, since about the mid 90s, it has also been known for having a lot of fine places to dine al fresco, many of which come with a great view of the San Gabriel mountains that literally make up Sierra Madreís backyard.


One of the places with the great al fresco dining and a great mountain view is a place called Village Pizzeria, located at 41 N. Baldwin Ave., (626) 355-8817.  Youíll find their menu online at   Tamara Brock, who owns the place, opened her first restaurant more than 18 years ago in Pasadena; it was called Posse Pizza.  A couple years later, she moved Posse Pizza to Sierra Madre Blvd. in Sierra Madre, and gave it a new name, Village Pizzeria.  She threw herself into the community, becoming involved with lots of local organizations, some of whom became quite successful re-selling her pizza at local events.  For the last few years, she has been an active sponsor of the ACS Relay For Life, even winning the prize for best campsite in its inaugural year in 2001.  All the while, she was developing a thriving business, and in 1999, after 11 years, moved it to her current, more accessible location with the view, and better opportunities for outside dining.


My family and I have eaten at Village Pizzeria a lot over the years.  Their barbecue chicken pizza is one of my favorite pizzas.  I also eat their meatball sandwich pretty regularly, sometimes with cheese, sometimes without, but itís always enjoyable.  My son usually gets a slice or two of pizza, sometimes pepperoni, sometimes bbq chicken, sometimes Hawaiian.  Katie likes the Italian Grinder, which she always gets with a side of their garlic mayonnaise, a personal favorite of hers.


The other night, we ate there and Keelan had two slices of the Hawaiian pizza, Katie had her usual Italian grinder, and I had the spaghetti and meatball dinner.  I was thinking about ordering extra meatballs, since Iím just one of those guys that likes meat in their entrťe, and I wasnít sure one meatball was going to be enough.  I was pleased to find that my meal, despite the singular moniker, had a plurality of meatballs.  No, I donít talk like that, I just write like that.  Okay, yeah, sometimes I talk like that.  Either way, not only did I get two meatballs, but these things were huge.  I donít think Iíve ever had meatballs that big, anywhere.  And they were delicious, as always.  Surprisingly, for me, I ended up taking half my meal home and reheating it the next day for lunch.  Usually, spaghetti and meatballs just gets vacuumed, but there was enough here to make it two meals. 


Besides traditional pizzas, Village Pizzeria also offers a selection of California Pizzas that are its own creations, including the aforementioned BBQ Chicken Pizza, an Italian Pesto Pizza, two Bianco (white) pizzas, and the House Specialty Pizza, with artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes on a whole wheat crust, among others.  They offer pasta dishes, including spaghetti w/marinara, meat sauce or meatballs, lasagna, ravioli, a seafood pasta and more.  Sandwiches include the already discussed meatball sandwiches and Italian grinder, and half a dozen others.  Salads include a house salad, baby greens salad, antipasta salad, Chinese chicken salad and others.  Right now, for a limited time, you can get Amyís Summer Chicken Salad.  Now I donít know, but I think itís a safe bet that the name means itís available this summer, not that Amyís chicken is a little older than a spring chicken.  Anyway, itís a bed of chopped lettuces, with house made ranch dressing, fire roasted corn, seedless watermelon, diced cucumber, scallions, fresh cilantro, barbecue chicken and crispy potato stix.   Sounds interesting, maybe next time.  Theyíre also featuring two summer drinks, Fresh Summertime Lemonade, and the Arnold Palmer, which is a blend of fresh lemonade and iced tea.  A little birdie tells me theyíre quite good.  Yes, thatís a bad golf joke, but a bad joke or two in this column is par for the course, right?  Nothing to get teed off about.


Village Pizzeria makes their sauce on the premises, the dough is made daily, and they also grind their cheese fresh daily.  I like it, and Iím looking forward to Tamiís new restaurant scheduled to open down the street later this year, called Bettyís Garage.  Weíll let you know more about that as it gets further along in its development.


I didnít check around for Fatherís Day specials, but I did happen to hear that Mijareís, Pasadenaís oldest restaurant (since 1920) is expanding its already extensive champagne buffet brunch for this special Sunday.  Theyíre always busy, so reservations are recommended.  Cost is $18.95 for adults, $8.95 for children.  Call them today to make sure you can get in, at (626) 792-2763.


I had someone ask me the other day if I knew what was going to happen with the Sunny Italy location that was closed a while back, on Rosemead Blvd.  Well, last week, Nikki Cís opened at that location, featuring Italian cuisine, an extensive wine list, and plasma TV for sports in the cocktail lounge, including horse racing daily.  Theyíre not open for lunch (yet?), just dinner.  The bar opens at 4, the kitchen at five.  And guess what, surprise, surprise, their menu will be on the website within the next couple days.  They can be reached at 792-7347.


Bill Coburn is owner of, a restaurant website featuring dozens of restaurantís menus, as well as downloadable coupons.  He has nearly 20 years experience in the restaurant business, and has been eating for much longer than that.

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