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View the Claim Jumper, Monrovia Menu

Restaurants: Claim Jumper

Where: 820 W. Huntington Dr., Monrovia

Phone: (626) 359-0463

Reservations: Not required

Cocktails: Full cocktail service

Service: Full table service

Atmosphere: Casual

Outdoor Dining: Yes

Credit Cards: MC, AMEX, Visa, Discover, Debit Cards (with Visa or MC logo only)

Kidís Menu: Yes

Senior Discount: No

Hours: 11-10 weekdays, 11 Ė 11 weekends

Food to Go: Yes

Catering Menu: Yes

Price Range: $4.00 - $23.50, avg. $10 - $15

Claim Jumper Monrovia is at 820 W. Huntington Dr.

The Produce Bar has a wide selection, just a portion of which is shown above

Garlic cheese toast appetizer, with marinara sauce

Blue cheese wedge appetizer

Pot pie is served with fresh fruit

Gold Rush Chicken

Meat Loaf dinner

Chocolate, chocolate chip cheesecake

DOT COM DINING A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by


Claim Jumper Monrovia Carries on CJ Chain Tradition of Good Food, Good Servce, Good Portions, Good Quality


By Bill Coburn


Had a particularly hectic week, and didnít get a chance to get a review done this week, so please enjoy the following from the ďBest of Dot Com DiningĒ collection, originally printed in early October, 2004. 


I go back a long way with Claim Jumper restaurants, longer than I really care to admit.  My first connection with Claim Jumper was when there were only two or three stores in what is now a chain of more than 35 restaurants in six states, with stores scheduled to open in November in Tucson, AZ and in early 2005 in Lynwood WA.  In fact, I used to bus tables, and then wait tables, with the guy that now runs the whole CJ kit and kaboodle, COO Robert Ott.  It was at a different restaurant chain, also known for quality and consistency, but that chainís policies and procedures have defintiely been ingrained into how CJís has operated over the last 25+ years.


Now I have to admit, usually my restaurant spotlights arenít about the chain stores that do millions of dollars a year at one location.  But, since Claim Jumper is on the San Gabriel Valley Menus website, which is the source of all the spotlights I do, they have as much right to be written up as anyone.  To those of you whoíve eaten at CJís, and Iím sure there are many of you, you donít need to read any further.  You already know how good  the food and service is, and youíll surely be going back anyway, without paying any attention to my humble opinion.  For those few of you who havenít stopped by to try the place out, read on.  Or not, if youíre not into details, since I can sum it up quite easily Ė consistently good food, consistently good service, consistently oversized portions, consistent attention to detail, youíre gonna like it.


For those of you still reading, Iíve eaten at Claim Jumpers many times.  The subject of this spotlight, the Monrovia store, has a reputation, as does the chain, for the same adjectives I discussed above, i.e, consistently good food, consistently good service, oversized portions, attention to detail.  Iíve eaten at Monrovia Claim Jumper several times, and have found the same superior quality every time Iíve eaten there that Iíve found in the other CJ locations Iíve tried over the years.


Now I donít know if the chain still does things as they did them years ago, but I know that I still find the same quality food and service I found back then, so I suspect they do.  When I applied as a waiter in the 1980s, I was confronted with about a 30-page manual, and was told I would have to pass a test on that manual, including awareness of the ingredients of each menu item,  cooking times for these items, etc.  Most restaurants donít require so much of their employees.  But Claim Jumper did, and thatís why they were able to consistently provide quality service from employees who knew volumes about the items they were serving.


Weíve tried many items on the menu.  Their produce (read salad) bar is always fresh, well stocked, and of superior quality, and can be added to your entree for a reasonable extra charge.  Their soups are always excellent, I know Iíve tried their French onion, their baked  potato cheddar, and their New England chowder.  Weíve also tried the Loaded Skins appetizer and the Garlic Cheese Toast appetizer, and enjoyed them both.  The garlic toast in particular had the right crunch, the right softness, and the right combination of garlic and cheese, one of the better Garlic Cheese Toasts Iíve had, and there was lots of it.


Keelan had the chicken pot pie, served with fresh fruit, and was quite impressed.  Heís not had many pot pies, but said this one was as good as the one that has always been his favorite.  Katie had the Gold Rush Chicken, a fresh double chicken breast topped with a rich sour cream mushroom and onion sauce and Mozzarella cheese. Served with mashed potatoes and buttermilk biscuit, there was lots of good food, so lots of it came home, and sheíll do a lunch leftover thing with it, too.   She also added the blue cheese wedge appetizer for just $2.50, and raved about it.


I had the meat loaf dinner.  This had to be about 10 oz. of meat loaf, made with fresh ground chuck, pork, mild onions, green peppers, served with mashed potatoes and gravy. It also came with a buttermilk biscuit.  These biscuits are incredible, by the way, huge, light, fluffy, and delicious.


Weíve tried many different items on various visits to Claim Jumpers, and have never been disappointed.   Weíve had the Frisco burger, the regular hamburger, the baby-back ribs, the chicken and noodles pasta, the baked ham sandwich.  Everything weíve ever tried has been good, never had a complaint.


I just spoke with the manager of the Monrovia store, who informed me that todayís employees are held to the same standard applicable at the time I was trying to get onboard years ago, i.e., huge manual, pass the test, etc..  And that philosophy in place then, and apparently still in place now, seems to be similar to the one that Rob and I worked with at that other restaurant back in the seventies, based on the fact that everything was good, and done well, but you didnít know why.  People who eat at Claim Jumpers donít have to know HOW the restaurant works, only THAT it works, because the people who work there work together to ensure that the details of the operations of the restaurant arenít obvious, and donít interfere with your ability to enjoy a memorable, quality service, quality food experience.  The details are going on, but you donít realize it.  You just know you had a good time, good food, and good service.


Anyway, I recommend Claim Jumper.  Itís good food and good service, today, the way it used to be done when I first began to understand quality restaurants.


Bill Coburn is owner of, a restaurant website featuring more than 160 restaurantís menus, as well as downloadable coupons.  He has nearly 20 years experience in the restaurant business, and has been eating for much longer than that.

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