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Ranchero, Duarte is at 1501 E. Huntington Drive

Kid's meal burrito

Camarones al mojo de ajo (garlic shrimp)

Chile relleno and tamale combo

Bacon wrapped shrimp



DOT COM DINING A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by


Ranchero Offers Another Reason to Dine in Duarte

By Bill Coburn


Last week’s column was about Villa Italia, which serves up good Italian food in the city of Duarte.  Just down the road from Villa Italia, about ¾ mile to the east, is another fine place to eat, Ranchero Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, located at 1501 E. Huntington Dr. on the corner of Cotter, just east of Buena Vista).  There phone number is (626) 358-6398.  Ranchero also has a location in Pasadena, at 2663 E. Foothill Blvd.


Ranchero has been around since 1969, and so they are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year.  They’ve made it this far by offering good food, good service, and affordable pricing.  Our meal the other night was no exception.


The Duarte location is much larger than the Pasadena location, and features a bar/lounge that you won’t find in Pasadena, though they do serve cocktails in Pasadena.  But the Duarte location has a 15-20 seat bar with a big screen TV (and some smaller sets, as well).  The lounge does have table seating as well, in fact, much of their main seating is in the lounge.  On the other side of the restaurant there is a room suitable for banquets, so if you have a large party, contact Ranchero to make sure it will be available for you.  Right now, it is being used on some Monday nights for salsa dancing classes, though I think there’s a good chance that if you tried, they’d probably book your party and work the class around it.


I ordered Camerino's Camarones, marinated shrimp wrapped with bacon and deep fried.   It is served with rice, salad and fried potatoes, and com or flour tortillas.  I got half a dozen good-sized shrimp, and the meal was not only delicious, but filling.  Bacon and shrimp are a good combination, and while frying it makes the bacon a little crispier than I prefer my bacon usually, it was a nice compliment to the shrimp.  Katie ordered a chile relleno and tamale combination.  Now that combination isn’t even on the menu, but the friendly folks at Ranchero were more than happy to accommodate her with her special combination request.  Katie says the tamale was huge, and she took half the tamale and half the chile relleno home and enjoyed it for lunch the next day.  Keelan had the kid’s bean and cheese burrito (pretty much his standard order at Mexican restaurants), and got a rather large burrito out of the kitchen, which he enjoyed.  And my mom, who joined us this evening, had the Camarones al mojo de ajo, which I’ve had before as well, and have always enjoyed.  Nice and garlicky, (is that a word, and did I spell it correctly, if so)?  I’ve also had the Diablos’s Camarones, a very spicy shrimp dish, and been very happy with it.  Don’t ask me why I eat so much shrimp at Ranchero’s, I couldn’t tell you why I deviate from my norm when I go there.  But the shrimp dishes are quite good, and there is always a good portion of shrimp, so maybe I just think of it as a good place to have shrimp dishes.


Ranchero’s offers 30 combination dinners, ranging in price from $7.45 to $15.50 (shrimp or lobster fajitas), with most of the dinners being in the $8-$11 range, though the shrimp dishes are more in the $13 range.  Their A la Carte menu is mostly in the $4 - $6 range, with a couple of big ticket items like shrimp, and lobster burritos closer to $9.  They also have an imitation crab enchilada which my brother enjoys, it runs $7.15 a la carte.  They have a half dozen enchiladas a la carte, more than a dozen burritos a la carte, a variety of tacos, Mexican pizzas, nachos, soups, salads and much more. 


I would be remiss if I failed to mention their margaritas.  The margaritas were delicious; we had doubles.  I’ve had the Cadillac Margarita as well, but be forewarned, if you order one, they are only available as a double, which comes in a great big schooner glass, and they’ll run you about $10 bucks a pop.


Another great thing about Ranchero, for all you parents out there, is that on Monday and Tuesday nights, kids eat free, with each combination purchase.  That’s dine in only, can’t do it to go.  You can find the menu for Ranchero at  Be sure and tell them you read about them in the Dot Com Dining column.  Of course, my experience is that you’ll have a good experience whether you mention it or not.


I stopped by Pasadena’s Nano Café (Sierra Madre Blvd. and Michillinda) the other day, and learned that they are starting a new VIP Rewards system where you can save up to 20% by ordering a pre-paid card.  Minimum purchase on the card is $100, and they sell them up to $500 (you’ll get a 20% savings on that card, get your calculator out, that’s 100 bucks folks).  This is ideal for regular customers, but it’s also good for businesses or non-profits that are having an event, or that regularly order meals for the whole crea.  Or, say you go in with the family, half a dozen or so, and your check is close to $100.  Just buy the card, and with the savings, the next time you go in by yourself or with the wife, your meal is basically free, if you see what I’m saying.  They also now have a 15% senior discount from 1:30 to 5pm weekdays (they close at 3pm on Monday and Tuesday).


Had dinner at Manny’s El Loco out in Covina (845 W. Cypress, just east of Azusa) last night, and they now having two different “auto” events.  Every Monday night is “Cruise Night”, where owners of pre-73 autos that bring their classics in receive a 10% discount, and there is 50s and 60s D.J. music being played.  On the second Saturday of each month, they also have a PT cruiser night, where people bring in their custom PT Cruisers to show them off.  You can contact Manuel Hernandez at (626) 334-3853 for more information on that event.  By the way, as always, the meal was really good at Manny’s, too.


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