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Before Pictures

My brother Pat Coburn, (left) Ontario, CA and Me, Sierra Madre, CA

Lt. John E. “Jay” Coburn, Mateson, IL Fire Dept. – My brother

His son Christopher “CJ” Coburn, Mateson, Il

His other son Nathan “Nate” Coburn, Mateson Il

During and After Photos

Matt McSweeney of Matt Denny's calls for new shavees

Members of Arcadia PD prepping for shaving

Let the shaving begin

Here's the half on-half off shot

Hair's gone, let's work on that beard

Post shaving bald guys

DOT COM DINING A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by


Heads Shaved for Charity at Matt Denny’s Ale House Restaurant

By Bill Coburn


Tuesday, March 8th, Matt Denny’s Ale House Restaurant hosted its fourth annual St. Baldrick’s event.   St. Baldrick’s is a play on words blending bald with St. Patrick’s Day.  This is the sixth year of the St. Baldrick’s fundraising activity overall, and this year there will be more than 8,000 shavees at more than 200 locations in 37 states across the nation.  That’s a substantial increase over 2004’s numbers of 5,000+ shavees at 164 locations.  But it doesn’t stop there, St. Baldrick’s events have been held in nine different countries, including Bermuda, Canada, France, Iraq, Ireland, Poland and the United Kingdom.  Among the shavees through the years have been celebrities such as Jay Leno, Michael Douglas, Evan Marriott (Joe Millionaire), NASCAR driver Damon Lusk and magician David Blaine.


“We are thrilled that a record 8,000 brave people at over 200 events will join us in redefining what letting their hair down means at St. Baldrick’s Day celebrations throughout the country,” said Tim Kenny, Chairman of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.  “We have come a long way from the original goal of 17 bald heads in 2000 and we’ll keep shaving until we conquer kids’ cancer!”


Approximately 30 of the shavees were at Matt Denny’s, including several women shavees (Portland, OR led the nation in woman shavees).  There were also several members of the Arcadia Police Dept. participating.


As I mentioned in last week’s column, I got an e-mail from my firefighter brother, Lt. John Coburn of the Mateson IL Fire Dept., telling me that his department was going to participate in St. Baldrick's, and telling us where we could sign up online to sponsor him.  Online, I saw that two of his teenage sons, C.J. and Nathan, had also signed up to have their heads shaved.  Shortly after that e-mail, my other brother, Pat Coburn, who lives in Ontario, said that he was going to try and support Jay's efforts by shaving his head as well.  I vacillated for a while, but decided that if I could find 10 companies to sponsor me with a minimum $25 donation, there would be five Coburns shaving their respective heads, and I’d throw in my beard, as well.   I ultimately received $880 dollars in pledges.  I thanked most of the donors last week, but since then I also received contributions from Lynne Cerrillo-Alvarex of the Sierra Madre branch of Bank of the West, and Leonora Moss in Sierra Madre, and a lady who heard me talking about the event as I was collecting from one of my sponsors.  She asked that her contribution be anonymous.  Also, in last week’s column, Sierra Madre City College (a fictional college, but real organization) was accidentally listed as Mt. Sierra College.  My thanks to all of the 25 donors.


The St. Baldrick’s Celebration was started in 2000 by John Bender and Enda McDonnell, two reinsurance executives from New York City. They had been challenged by a friend and colleague, Tim Kenny, to give back to society. For quite a while, these men and other friends, all of whom have Irish roots, had been observing St. Patrick’s Day in the traditional way---pints at their favorite pub, with music and laughter in great supply.

They decided to give their celebration a little twist and help children diagnosed with cancer. Because the treatment given these youngsters often causes their hair to fall out, the group recruited volunteers to have their heads shaved in public in return for pledges of financial support from friends and family to support their sacrifice. The event became the St. Baldrick’s Celebration, and is typically held near St. Patrick’s Day.   The first year, their goal was to raise $17,000 by shaving 17 heads.  They raised $104,000.  In 2004, more than $3.5 million dollars was raised.   Since its inception, more than $7 million dollars has been raised.


The mission of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is to raise awareness and funds to conquer kids’ cancer by shaving heads on St. Baldrick's Day.  Cure Search National Childhood Cancer Foundation is the primary beneficiary of St. Baldrick’s efforts. CureSearch NCCF supports the work of CureSearch Children’s Oncology Group, a network of physicians, nurses and scientists who conduct clinical trials in childhood cancer and perform cutting-edge research at more than 200 member institutions, representing every pediatric cancer program in North America, treating over 90 percent of children with cancer in North America. As a result of CureSearch COG’s collaborative research effort, the cancer death rate has dropped more dramatically for children than for any other age group, and has directly led to significant increases in cure rates for childhood cancer.


Tuesday’s event was a smashing success, with more than $11,000 raised at Matt Denny’s.  That number is expected to increase substantially due to the fact that many sponsors don’t give the shavees the funds until after the event.  I had one donor tell me that he wouldn’t give me a check until I came in and “showed him my ugly bald mug.”  Nearly one third of my pledges had not been collected in time for Tuesday’s events, and I suspect that my collected percentage was substantially higher than many of the shavees.  That figure also does not include contributions made online.  I’ll write an update when we have a little better idea what the total collected was.  If you’d like to make a contribution, go to, or call (888) 899-BALD.


Bill Coburn is owner of, a restaurant website featuring more than 160 restaurant’s menus, as well as downloadable coupons.  He has nearly 20 years experience in the restaurant business, and has been eating for much longer than that.

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