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View Nano Cafe Menu

Restaurant: Nano Cafe

Where: 975 N. Michillinda, Pasadena – and now in Monrovia, too!

Phone: (626) 351-0388

Reservations: No

Cocktails: Beer and Wine

Service: Full service

Atmosphere: Casual

Outdoor Dining: Yes

Credit Cards: Major credit cards accepted

Kid’s Menu: No

Senior Discount: Yes

Food to Go: Yes

Catering Menu: Yes

Price Range: $ 3.75 - $17.95

Nano Cafe is in the Albertson's Shopping center at Michillinda and Sierra Madre Blvd.

Clam Chowder

Salad served w/entrees

Cooking on the Bar-B

Babyback Ribs

Rosemary Chicken Ravioli

New York Steak

Tiger Shrimp Kebab

Fruit Crepe for dessert


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A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by


Nano Café in Pasadena A Great Choice for Dining


by Bill Coburn


Nano Café has just expanded with a new location in Monrovia, on Duarte Road in the building that used to be B.J.’s Coffee Shop, just east of Mayflower.  Owner Jackie Shue is the former owner of Old Town Café in Pasadena (1986 – 1995) and more recently owned the successful News Café in El Monte from 1992  - 2003.  I never went to either of those restaurants, but I have visited her latest endeavor, the original Nano Café, which is the subject of this week’s spotlight.


Nano Café opened in January, 2004, right on the border of Pasadena and Sierra Madre.  There are several booths and tables, a counter, and a warm welcome feeling as you walk in the door.  There’s also a nice big patio area.  It is shielded from the supermarket parking lot by lattice, which allows an open air feel while minimizing outside noise and distractions, and shielded from the sun and rain by a sturdy patio cover.  The patio is decorated with strings of white lights, and on a balmy evening warmed up by Santa Ana winds, it’s a great place to enjoy dinner.


I spotlighted Nano Café back when they opened, and wrote about the good breakfasts we’d enjoyed, and dinners, too.  You can find that spotlight at  But Nano Café is trying something new on Friday and Saturday nights, with an expanded BBQ menu.  I say expanded, because they have BBQ on the regular menu all the time, but on Friday and Saturday nights, they now also have an outdoor woodfire BBQ, with a special menu just for that BBQ.  And that’s the reason we stopped by this night, to try the new special BBQ menu. 


I ordered the Babyback Ribs, and a Tiger Shrimp kabob, available as an add-on to your entrée for a very reasonable price.  Keelan ordered a Rosemary Chicken Pasta with a Cream/Spinach sauce.  Katie ordered a New York steak.


Our dinners came with a choice of soup or salad, and I tried the clam chowder, which was pretty good, not quite as thick as I like it, but plenty flavorful, and lots of clams, like I like it.  Katie and Keelan both had salads, which were true garden salads, not just lettuce.  Celery stalks, sliced cucumbers and carrots, cabbage, and a fairly good portion, as well.  For side orders, I chose mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed vegetables.  Katie selected a yam and coleslaw.  Yams are not written anywhere on the menu, but Jackie had mentioned to me that they are available, so Katie jumped all over it.  She loved it, because you don’t find yams in a restaurant very often.  Keelan didn’t get the choice of sides, but his pasta did come with some really good garlic bread.


I really enjoyed my ribs, which had a BBQ sauce that was kind of sweet, not real smoky.  They were meaty and cooked pretty well, not quite falling off the bone, but tender and juicy.  The shrimp kabob was also quite enjoyable, there were several shrimp on the kebab, with onions, bell peppers and mushrooms mixed in.  The vegetables were also tasty, nice and crisp broccoli and carrots, not overcooked like lots of places.  And the potatoes were fluffy and light, with plenty of nice brown gravy.


As I said, Katie enjoyed her yam, and commented on how flavorful her steak was. It was cooked as she ordered it, there was plenty of it, and I tried a bite, and agreed that it was a pretty good steak.


Keelan’s ravioli was also quite good.  The cream/spinach sauce was cooked to order, they don’t have a big pot of sauce in the back, they make it fresh for each order.  There was more there than he could eat, so I helped him out, and I have to say, while I’m not a big ravioli fan, I’d order it, it was pretty tasty.


We didn’t really see the dessert menu, because Jackie was nice enough to have the chef prepare some fresh fruit crepes for all of us.  Sliced strawberries, bananas and mangos were in abundance on top of whipped cream that smothered the crepes, filled with a low-fat yogurt.  Yeah, low fat, I guess to counterbalance all the whip cream.  Any way, we all devoured every bite.


Nano Café always has specials to go along with their regular menu.  They’ve added a beer and wine menu, and their corkage fee for those who want to bring their own is beyond reasonable.  They offer senior discounts, and have a loyalty reward card where repeat customers can save up to 20% with accumulated points.  They offer to go food, and have a catering menu, and can accommodate banquets, as well.


One other thing about Nano Café.  You ever go to a restaurant, and wait around for a few minutes till the hostess comes back, and the waitresses stand by the cash register, ignoring you because it’s the hostess’ job to seat you, and they’re busy?  Doesn’t happen here.  Every person I’ve ever seen walk in that door, and I’ve seen a few, is greeted before they get a couple feet in the door.  The waitresses know and recognize the customers who’ve been in before, and everyone is thanked profusely before they leave.  The waitresses are courteous, efficient and polite.  So you get good food, good service, and low prices.  I recommend it highly.  You can find Nano Café’s menu on the web at, or go directly to

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