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View Matt Denny's Ale House Menu

Restaurant: Matt Dennyís Ale House Restaurant

Where: 145 E. Huntington Dr., Arcadia

Phone: (626) 446-1077

Reservations: Not required

Cocktails: Yes

Service: Full table service

Atmosphere: Casual

Outdoor Dining: Yes

Credit Cards: All major

Kidís Menu: Yes

Senior Discount: No

Food to Go: Yes

Catering Menu: Yes and banquets too

Price Range: $3.95 - $24.95

Halibut Bites appetizer

Burger of the Day

Chicken Tenders Sandwich

Creme Brulee

Mud Pie


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A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by


Matt Dennyís Ale House Restaurant Ė Itís All Good


By Bill Coburn


About two years ago, I spotlighted Matt Dennyís Ale House Restaurant, at 145 E. Huntington Dr. in Arcadia, and mentioned that it is one of my favorite places to eat.  The food and service are consistently good.  I have eaten there dozens of times, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys quality food, reasonable prices, and a friendly atmosphere. 


I wrote those words in December of 2005, more than 10 months ago.  And they are all still true.  Weíve enjoyed some good meals at Mattís several times since, and yesterday, we decided to go back for some lunch, so that we could spotlight it again this week.  As always, the food was good, the service friendly and efficient.  Thatís a mark of a good restaurant thatís going to last, consistency and quality in food and service.  Mattís opened nearly 8 years ago, on January eleventh, so they are definitely on the path to longevity.


I decided to have the Chicken Tenders Sandwich, on the Lunch Special Menu.  I added cheese, and skipped the tomatoes, so it wasnít quite as described on the menu, but it was definitely a great sandwich.  When I used to work in the restaurant business, I would regularly order the chicken tenders appetizer, and ask the chef to put it on a bun with some lettuce and mayo and cheese.  Mattís adds red onions, which frankly I wouldnít have thought of putting on the sandwich, but it added a lot.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about a shaved prime rib sandwich I had at Nikki Cís, and mentioned that I didnít understand why more restaurants donít put it on the menu.  Well I feel the same way about the chicken tenders sandwich.  The restaurant has all the ingredients, why not put the item on the menu?  I think it would be a very popular item, and it certainly costs nothing to add it to the menu.  Iím glad Mattís has it, and really enjoyed the sandwich, in large part because Mattís has some of the better chicken tenders Iíve had.  The batter is light and not overly crisp, which is a turn-off for me.  The one thing Iíd do different is include the cheese on the sandwich, but since I saw on the menu that there was no cheese, I just requested it. 


Another item on the Lunch Specials menu is the Burger of the Day, which on the day of our visit was a bacon burger with blue cheese crumbles.  Now Mattís burgers have always been good when weíve ordered them in the past, seasoned well, cooked to order, served on a nice fresh bun with mayo, thousand island, lettuce, tomatoes and onions, and served with your choice of fries, coleslaw, Santa Maria style beans, fresh fruit or a side of salad.  Actually, I was offered those choices with my chicken sandwich, but forgot to mention it.  I had the fresh fruit, Katie ordered fries with her burger.  But I would like to mention that one of the things I like about Mattís is that you can order a side of salad as your side order.  Not too many places offer that, but Mattís does.  And they come with these great, soft rolls, what I remember from my New Jersey childhood as a ďsnowflakeĒ roll.  Really tasty.  As I said, Mattís burgers are always good, and Katie tells me this one was no exception.  Juicy, and with an abundance of blue cheese crumbles and lots of bacon.


Mattís has some pretty good desserts, too.  I havenít tried very many of them, because the first time I had dessert there, I ordered the crŤme brulet, and have rarely ordered anything else since.  But Tuesday, we ordered the Mud Pie, and it was huge.  Iím not a big fan of coffee or mocha flavored ice creams (Katie loves them, but not me), but this was an excellent Mud Pie.  Slightly different than described on the menu, but really good anyway.  I was surprised that when Katie was full, I kept eating until after every bite was gone.  And the crŤme brulee was also itís usual excellent self.  In fact, I was kind of thinking it might have been the best Iíve ever had.


Besides good food, Mattís serves a variety of beers, as one might expect in an alehouse, and they have a full liquor license so you can enjoy a cocktail with your meal if you would prefer.  There are 28 draft beers and 17 bottled beers, and some really good wines, as well. 

Matt Dennyís also is great for sports enthusiasts.  Pretty much any table you sit at has a view of one or more TVs, but the volume in the dining room is pretty low or off, so as not to interrupt those not interested in the sports.  There is a covered patio, with siding and heaters to allow outside dining even in the winter.  And a couple of 32Ē TVs outside, as well.


Thereís also usually something special going on or about to happen at Mattís.  Owner Matt McSweeny has a monthly newsletter, a birthday club, a VIP club that offers you up to $20/month in Matt Dennyís gift certificates, St. Patrickís Day parties, a Motherís Day brunch, an annual golf tournament, Oktoberfest events with an oompah band, and much, much more. 


You can view Mattís menu, check out their catering, and take a pictorial tour of the restaurant at  As I said, I recommend this place for a nice night out.  Itís not always quiet (after all, itís an Irish alehouse with an emphasis on sports), but it is always good.


Bill Coburn is owner of, a restaurant website featuring dozens of  restaurantsí menus, as well as downloadable coupons.  He has nearly 20 years experience in the restaurant business, and has been eating for much longer than that. 

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