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View the Los Güeros Grill Menu

The big barn-like structure has been converted to a hacienda-like structure

Tortillas are handmade and delivered warm to your table

Fresh guacamole with your choice of ingredients can be ordered tableside

The kid's bean and cheese burrito

Carnitas chimichanga

Jaime's Special

German Chocolate cake

Bananas cooked and sauced

DOT COM DINING A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by


Los Güeros Grill Opens in Pasadena to Provide Quality Mexican Food

This restaurant is now called Castaneda's Grill


By Bill Coburn


Los Güeros Grill had its grand opening at 45 N. San Gabriel in Pasadena on Monday, April 26.  Located between Colorado and Foothill on the west side of San Gabriel, Los Güeros Grill is the latest venture by Jaime Castaneda, who also owns Los Güeros Sports Bar in Monrovia, and Los Güeros in Barstow. 


As Jaime says right on the front of the menu, “It is often said that the heart and soul of Mexico resides in Guadalajara, the country's second largest city and culinary capital.  For centuries, in Guadalajara's grand restaurants, Mexico's rich culture and menu traditions have come together in a wondrous combination of food and festival.”  Jaime has done his best to create an authentic expression of a grand Guadalajara restaurant.  And I think he’s done a very good job of it.


Before you even enter the restaurant, you can sense that this is a place that’s going to provide you with a good time.  There is valet parking available (for those of you who, like me, are too embarrassed about how dirty and cluttered your car is to go to a valet, the former WAMU building on the northwest corner of San Gabriel and Colorado is vacant at the moment, with lots of parking spaces).  As you walk up to the building, there is pottery everywhere, and fountains with water trickling, and a good sized outside seating area.  When you go inside, it has the feel of a big, open hacienda.  Polished Spanish tile, Mexican artwork and curios hanging on the wall, and more pottery.  The front half of the building is good sized, with roughly half of it used as an entrance area with some dining tables, while the other half is comprised of offices, restrooms, wait stations and kitchen.  But the back half of the restaurant is twice as big, with extra high ceilings that the front half doesn’t have, because the front half has a loft-like area that can also be used for ceiling.  This place was designed like a barn, but definitely feels like a hacienda.


Everything about Los Gueros Grill says fresh.  As we walked in, we saw a tortilla station, with fresh tortillas being made to be delivered to your table fresh and hot.  There is a portable guacamole station, and you can order guacamole to be made at your table, using the ingredients you select from the station.  Folks, I sold avocados as a kid, (to give you an idea how long ago that was, we sold them for a dime apiece, three for a quarter), but I have never liked them.  I don’t eat avocados, I don’t eat guacamole.  But we ordered some, since Katie will eat it.  I decided to try some, expecting to hate it as always, and I ended up eating it right up until our dinner arrived.  Just what I need, now I like guacamole.


My son ordered the kid’s bean and cheese burrito, Katie ordered a carnitas chimichanga (fried burrito with pork, prepared carnitas style), and I ordered Jaime’s Special - a large flour tortilla filled with grilled chicken, spinach, mushrooms and melted cheese, smothered with enchilada and tomatillo sauce, and according to the menu, the owner’s favorite. 


We all enjoyed our meals.  One of the things about the meal was not just that it tasted good, but that it looked good.  Extra care is given to the presentation of each dinner.  You don’t get a little ramekin of sour cream on the side, you get a dollop of sour cream on a slice of green leafy lettuce, squeezed from a pastry bag with a swirly dispensing tip, to give it that fancy-schmanzy appearance.  The radishes are cut with a tulip cut, the beans have a little white cheese sprinkled on top for color, there’s chopped parsley on the rice and the entrée for color, the sauces on my entrée were split evenly giving it a painter’s palette like appearance, with grated cheese added for color and taste.  You can see that attention to detail in the presentation in the full color pictures on the website.  There was plenty of food, as the portions were all good sized, and it was all delicious. 


Now, we went in on Tuesday the 27th, because I had a prior commitment that kept me from making the grand opening.  So we were there for the second night, and naturally, when you have a place that’s that new, you’re going to expect to experience a glitch or two.  Here’s ours: when we first sat down, I tried to order a beer, but was told that the section I was sitting in was alcohol-free.  Jaime said that the liquor license didn’t cover the added-on back portion of the building, but that it has been applied for and should be granted in sixty days or so.  Katie tells me that the hostess was asking people when we walked up if they wanted beer or wine with their meal , but that the person who walked up when we got there didn’t ask us, so if you don’t get asked, you might want to check with them, if you want a glass of wine or a beer with your dinner.  BTW, yes, we did move, and I enjoyed a nice cold beer with my meal.


For dessert, we ordered a slice of German chocolate cake that we were going to split three ways, but Jaime insisted that “I’m going to order you something that you’ve never had in a Mexican restaurant before.”   Well, we got a delicious piece of cake (and gorgeous, too, as the sauces were swirled all over the plate to make the presentation as exquisite as the presentation on the dinners), but then we got Jaime’s contribution.  Cooked sliced bananas, with three sauces, a condensed milk sauce, a caramel sauce, and a chocolate sauce.  Again, the presentation was impressive, with sauces covering the bananas just so, a swirling dollop of whip cream (how about that, I got to use the word dollop twice in one review), and a fresh mint leaf.  And it tasted as good as it looked


All in all, I had a great time, the food was good, the staff not only impeccably dressed, but courteous and polite.  You can find the menu for Los Güeros Grill online at, and while you’re there, why not download a coupon good for a free entrée with purchase of an entrée?  The food is certainly worth paying full price, but it never hurts to get if for half-price, now does it?


For those of you living in the Temple City area, you might be interested to know that we have just signed up Pizza Cart, so if you’re looking to have a pizza delivered, or some pasta, you can find the Pizza Cart menu (plus 8 money-saving coupons) online at  Pizza Cart is the 106th restaurant to post their menu on the website, from 19 San Gabriel Valley cities.

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