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Nite on the Town Restaurant Discount Card, image and link

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Los Chiles Locos is at 121 W. Duarte Rd. in Monrovia

Another angle of the storefront

The taco and burrito combo

The tamale and chile relleno combo plate

The taco and tostada combo plate

There's a lot of carnitas on that tostada

DOT COM DINING A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by  


Los Chiles Locos For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Late Night, Too

By Bill Coburn


Los Chiles Locos, located at 121 W. Duarte Rd. in Monrovia (at the corner of Duarte and Myrtle, (626) 359-9099) serves up some pretty tasty Mexican food.  In addition, their prices are quite good, the service is above average for a fast food place, and they are easily accessible, being located within blocks of the Myrtle Avenue exit of the 210 freeway.  And they have the extra, added advantage of being right next door to a car wash, so at the risk of sounding violent or ticking off members of the Audobon Society, you can even kill two birds (let’s hope that if they die, they’re at least carrying the West Nile Virus) with one stone. 


I stopped by one morning on the way home from an appointment where I was the only one of the two appointmentees to show up.  So I was in kind of a bad mood when I got there.  But I got prompt service, ordered a sausage and egg burrito and a milk, and when I got the burrito, was pleased to find out that they even carried Tapatio.  A lot of fast food places have their own “hot” salsa, or what they call a hot sauce, that falls short.  Others, that actually carry bottled hot sauces, only offer “the best selling brand, Tabasco.”  I like Tabasco in clam chowder, where the cream cuts up the vinegar taste, but for me, Mexican food requires either A) a really good homemade chef’s salsa/hot sauce, or B) a good bottled sauce, such as Tapatio, Cholulla, or a less well known but quite good sauce, Melinda’s.  With my breakfast, I was happy to splash the Tapatio on a burrito whose size belied its $2.50 price tag.  As it turns out, Los Chiles Loco also has option A, a good homemade hot salsa, which I discovered when I went back for dinner there.   But that morning, I saw the Tapatio bottle at the window, and asked for that.  The breakfast burrito was bigger than it should have been for the price, tasted better than I’d have expected that size burrito at that price to taste, and when I left with a satisfied stomach and a barely depleted wallet, I was definitely in a better mood than I had arrived in.


Katie, Keelan and I went in this week for dinner.  We all ended up ordering two item combos (believe it or not, two items, plus rice and beans is only $4.95, 3 items is just $5.95); I had the taco and tostada combo, Katie had a tamale and chile relleno combo, and Keelan had a taco and burrito combo.  I ordered a fried taco with shredded beef and no tomatoes, with carnitas on the tostada (which I also ordered with no tomatoes).  Keelan ordered the carne asada soft taco (meat and cheese only), with a bean and cheese burrito, so we had a chance to try several different menu items.


It amazes me how much food we got for the price.  I expected small portions based on the price we were paying, and figured I’d order an extra taco or two a la carte if I was still hungry when I was done.  The tostada was on a smaller corn tortilla than I’m used to seeing a tostada on, maybe a three inch?  But the amount of carnitas piled on this tostada would seem to me to have offset any savings they may have made on the tortilla.  I was a little bummed when it came out with guacamole and sour cream on it, as I prefer my tostadas without them, and have never gotten them on a basic tostada, but they scooped off quite easily, and I enjoyed it.  So remember, if you don’t want guac and sour cream, this tostada comes with them, you have to request it without them.


Katie’s tamale was “stuffed with meat” as she put it, and while she usually orders her tamales with the sauce on the side, she forgot to here and felt that she got just the right amount. She enjoyed it. She also said the chile relleno was pretty good and was satisfied that she’d gotten enough to eat when we left as well.  Keelan’s bean and cheese burrito was hot and fresh, and I helped him finish his carne asada soft taco, and again, for $4.95, he couldn’t finish all he had, and the taco that I helped him with was quite tasty.


Los Chiles Locos serves your choice of nearly a dozen burritos, all but one priced under $4.00.  They have a few special dinner plates, several sandwiches, breakfast burritos and breakfast platters, and even some burgers if one of your party isn’t keen on Mexican food.  Yes, they do serve lengua, aka tongue.  Their complete menu, including their catering menu with party platters, can be found by pointing your browser to  FYI – If you happen to be in the Monrovia area late nite, Los Chiles Locos offers fifty cent tacos from 10pm to 2:30am Wednesday through Saturday nights.  I’m pretty sure you’re not going to find a deal like that anywhere else, but I’ll keep my eyes open and let you know if I find one.


Beckham Grill in Pasadena is going to have a special event on July 25th that I thought I’d let you know about.  Fans of bagpipes and Scottish drums will enjoy the Misty Isle Pipe Band “Sendoff to Scotland” on that day, from 5pm to 9pm.  Reservations are recommended, as this event is sure to result in a full house, so call Beckham Grill at (626) 796-3399.  The MIPB is heading off to Scotland to compete in the World Bagpipe and Drum Competition in Glasgow, Scotland, in August.  MIPB has performed on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, the opening of the House of Blues, numerous Highland Games and Fairs, the Rotary International Convention, and has received numerous awards for its work.  You can find out more about MIPB at


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