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Nite on the Town Restaurant Discount Card, image and link

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View the Gino's Primo Pizza Menu

Restaurant: Gino’s Primo Pizza, San Gabriel

Where: 717 W. Las Tunas, San Gabriel

Phone: (626) 576-5945

Reservations: Not required

Cocktails: Beer and wine

Service: Counter and delivery

Atmosphere: Casual

Outdoor Dining: No

Credit Cards: No but there’s an ATM on premises

Kid’s Menu: No

Senior Discount: Yes

Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 11 – 9, Fri. 11 – 10, Sat. Noon – 9, Sunday 4 – 8pm, open early on Sundays during football season

Food to Go: Yes

Catering Menu: Yes

Price Range: $1.15 - $20.50

Gino's is on Las Tunas in San Gabriel

Keelan ordered his salad with extra ranch dressing

Antipasto salad is fresh, and chock full of meat and cheese

Tasty garlic bread

Lasagna is vegetarian lasagna, be forewarned

Chicken pasta

Baby back ribs

Roast Beast sandwich

Custom pizza, pre-oven

Custom pizza, cooked

DOT COM DINING A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by        


Gino’s Primo Pizza in San Gabriel Goes Way Beyond Pizza


By Bill Coburn


A twenty year San Gabriel pizza tradition, Gino’s Primo Pizza is not your typical pizza place.  Current owner Joe Harvey is a big sports fan, and that can be seen all over the walls.  There are a couple  hundred pictures of (mostly LA) sports figures hanging on the wall, both current and past.  Pictures of Drysdale and Koufax, Garvey, Cey, Lopes and Russell, Reggie Smith, etc., share wall space with Eric Gagne.  Golf, basketball, and baseball are well covered, with Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Kareem, etc. among the basketball shots.  One of the more interesting pictures to me was a shot of Ty Cobb and Shoeless Joe Jackson posing with their bats.  One thing my wife noticed, though, was that it is definitely male dominated, with only one female picture hanging, of current tennis ace Maria Sharapova.  Even so, it was really interesting to see all the pictures, and think back to the moments some of them occurred.


But Gino’s isn’t just about sports, even if there are two big screens, and they open early on Sundays during the football season.  There’s good food, too.  We’ve eaten there a couple times now, and enjoyed ourselves (and the food) on both occasions.  This week, I had the baby back ribs, and, because we hadn’t tried any sandwiches off the menu, I also ordered a beef sandwich called the Roast Beast, which consists of freshly sliced roast beef, melted cheese, and grilled onions piled high on their homemade garlic bread.  Katie ordered the Chicken Cacciatore, a new menu item that includes onions, bell peppers and mushrooms in a white wine or marinara sauce.  She asked for mostaciolli, and no bell peppers. Keelan ordered the lasagna.  At Gino’s, you can order your pasta a la carte (with garlic bread only), or as a dinner (with garlic bread and a salad). Keelan ordered his meal as a dinner, with a green salad, and Katie ordered hers a la carte, but got a side of antipasto salad.   Both Katie and Keelan enjoyed their salads, very good sized portions, and the antipasto filled with lots of meat and cheese. 


My ribs were quite good, nice and meaty, with a delicious sauce, kind of sweet.  The Roast Beast was also a treat, and when I managed to get my mouth around this great big sandwich, I was surprised at how the bread just collapsed into my mouth, nice and soft.  The beef was tender and lean, and the garlic bread really made it a good combination of tastes.


Katie enjoyed the Chicken Cacciatore, noting there were plenty of chunks of white meat chicken, and they didn’t skimp on the onions or mushrooms either.  She described the sauce as “tasty” and having tried some of it, as well, I concur.  Keelan was a little disappointed with his lasagna, not because of it its taste, but because of the ingredients, or lack of one.  I don’t think Keelan had ever had a vegetarian lasagna before, and so when he discovered there was no meat in his lasagna, he didn’t really understand why not. But he ate most of it anyway, and I expect he’ll pay a little more attention to the menu next time  he’s ordering lasagna. 


In the past, we’ve had the cheese sticks, which came with a tasty marinara sauce.  Keelan really liked the pepperoni pizza, and even noticed that the crust was almost bread-like, but with a sweetness to it.  I have tried and enjoyed the Chicken Florentine, with chunks of chicken breast sautéed in Gino’s own homemade alfredo sauce, with fresh spinach and romano cheese.  We’ve also enjoyed the fried chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy. 


Gino’s has a nice variety of hot and cold sandwiches, most of them under $4 for the small, and under $6.00 for the large. They offer daily lunch specials, including a 6” sandwich with soup or salad for under $5.00, or a sandwich with fries, again, under $5.00.  Lunch specials also include a spaghetti special, a lasagna special, a manicotti special, and a ravioli special, all with meat sauce and garlic bread.  There’s even a Primoburger special.  All of the lunch specials are under $6.00.


Another nice feature on the menu is the family pasta meal feasts section, though these specials are no longer limited to pasta.  Spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna and mostaciolli/broccoli feasts come with 4 orders of the pasta, a large salad, a pitcher of soda or a 2-liter soda and 8 pieces of garlic bread.  There’s also a fried chicken feast, a ribs feast, and a chicken and ribs feast.  Next time you’re having a family gathering, keep these big meals in mind.  And if you’re having a party, check out their catering menu, which features sandwiches, salads, pastas and more, all at reasonable prices.


You can check out the menu for Gino’s Primo Pizza at  And while you’re there, you might want to download one of the coupons, new customers can get a pizza for half off with purchase of a pizza, or $3.00 off a large pizza, or $2.00 off a medium pizza. 


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