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Nite on the Town Restaurant Discount Card, image and link

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View the El Zarape Grill, Monrovia Menu

Restaurants: El Zarape Grill

Where: 1601 S. Mountain Ave., Monrovia

Phone: (626) 599-8680

Reservations: Not required

Cocktails: Beer and Wine

Service: Full table service

Atmosphere: Casual

Outdoor Dining: No

Credit Cards: MC, AMEX, Visa, Diners Club, Debit Cards (with Visa or MC logo only)

Kidís Menu: Yes

Senior Discount: No

Hours: 8am to 9pm daily

Food to Go: Yes

Catering Menu: Yes

Price Range: $1.50 - $9.95, avg. $7.50

El Zarape Grill is in the Home Depot Shopping Center off the Mountain exit of the 210 fwy.

A little atmosphere painted onto the walls

More atmosphere


Chips come with two types of salsa

Carnitas and chile rellenos combo

Filet mignon and shrimp

Flan for dessert

DOT COM DINING A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by


El Zarape Grill Ė All You Can Eat in Monrovia

By Bill Coburn


El Zarape Grill is located in a high traffic area of Monrovia, yet its location seems to be just out of the way enough that itís one of those ďbest kept secretsĒ kind of places.  Situated about halfway between WalMart and Home Depot at the Mountain avenue offramp in Monrovia, this area generates more traffic than any other single intersection in Monrovia, and probably nearby Duarte, too, Iím guessing, though Iíve not done the research to back that statement up.  Not sure anybody would have done that research, so I didnít check into it, but those two stores do one heck of a lot of business, and I feel pretty confident in making that statement.  Especially as the holidays approach.


But El Zarape Grill is kind of out of the way, in  the Home Depot center, but to the far east, in a separate building by Davidís Bridal (another high traffic merchant).  And when Iíve been there, it appears that most of that traffic passes them by.  They donít know what theyíre missing, and since you now know about this restaurant, Iím guessing you can be the first one on most blocks to tell others about it. 


One of the things I like about El Zarape Grill is their all you can eat special.  For just $7.50 ($6.95 if you download a coupon), you can eat till youíre full.  Your choices on the special are carnitas, chile relleno, enchiladas, tamales, chicken taco, beef taco, pork burrito, beef burrito, tostada (beef or chicken, chile verde, chile colorado, and taquitos.  You order the first two or three items, and then your server says what would you like next?  And you order the next round of food.  Itís a dine in only item, which comes with soup or salad.  Where else can you find that kind of deal at just $7.50?


I ordered the Filet Mignon and Shrimp dinner, which came with salad, fried potatoes and rice and beans.  What do you think that costs?  Well, if youíve already looked at the info box, you know it wasnít more than $9.95, but if you hadnít, you were probably thinking $20 or more.  Donít think that way.  It was just $9.95.  Now I have to say, even though each filet is cut individually by the chef, if youíre thinking youíre going to get a nice thick, tender, juicy filet like you get when you pay the usual price for a filet, youíre not being realistic.  If I had been thinking that going in, Iíd surely have been disappointed.  But my thought was, for $9.95, and all that Iím getting, I probably shouldnít expect that thick $20 filet cut.  And I wasnít disappointed.  Frankly, Iíd order it again.  The shrimp was really good (I ordered it grilled, the other choice was fried), and the filet was actually quite tasty.  It was a thin cut, but ample, tougher than Iím used to with a filet, but Iím also used to paying more than twice as much, and getting just the filet at that price, without the shrimp, salad, beans and rice.  But what was important was, that even though I wasnít get what I usually expect to get when ordering a filet, I got a piece of steak that tasted good..  I would probably recommend ordering the salad on the side, as some of the warm food was served on top of the salad, and I like my salad cold and crisp, which it wasnít after having grilled shrimp on it.  As I said, Iíd order it again, but if youíre a filet purist, you might want to order something else.


Iíve been told that they are really emphasizing their seafood, and I wish Iíd eaten there enough to tell you about more than just the shrimp.  But I can say, the shrimp was really good, and if itís any indication, you might want to try the seafood.


Katie really enjoyed the chile relleno, said it was very light, and delicious.  She also said the carnitas was well seasoned, and we both enjoyed the rice and beans.  And another thing I like about El Zarape Grill.  They give you choices on hot sauces.  Some places offer only their own home made salsa.  Our chips came with home made pico de gallo and a homemade hot salsa.  The homemade hot salsa was really good, and different than others that Iíve had, in that it was hot, but not dominated by pepper seeds.  I had several hot sauces in a row that I really enjoyed during one recent stretch of reviews, but the sauces were so similar, I wondered if I was eating the same salsa, just a different location.  Not so at El Zarape.  But they also offered the option of bottled hot sauces, includint Tapatio, and two different Jabanera hot sauces, one red, one green.  Last week, I went to one of the major chains for brunch, and told the manager afterward that I understand going to a Marie Callenderís, for instance, and ordering a Mexican food item and finding Tabasco as my only option, but not at a big Mexican restaurant chain like this, which specializes in that cuisine.  No such worries at El Zarape Grill.


Iíll be going back to El Zarape Grill soon, and checking out their breakfast and more of the seafoods.  It was definitely worth a second look, and Iíll give you some updates as I know more about them.  In the meantime, Iíd recommend giving them a try, especially the All You Can Eat deal.  Itís hard to beat.  And they are now serving beer and wine, a recent addition, and they have catering available as well.  You can see their menu, and download coupons (including a buy one get one coupon) from


Wildflour Baking Company in Sierra Madre (355-9000) will be offering a baking class to show you how to prepare a meal of Roasted Garlic and Brie Soup, Peat Scented Roast Goose, Madeira Shallots, Bulgar Pilaf with Leeks and Cranberries, and Raspberry and Marsala Truffle on Saturday, December 4th from 2 Ė 5 pm.  Cost is $70.  Surprise your family, by creating this delicious 5-course meal this year, with a little help from your friends at WBC.


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