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The Nite On The Town Card is an exclusive membership card that enables the holder to dine at a dizzying variety of the San Gabriel Valley's most popular restaurants at a discounted price.

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Partial list of NOTT Card participants

Beckham Grill, La Fiesta Grande, El Portal, Stoney Point, Radhika, Firefly Bistro, Cafe Mundial, Central Park, Matt Denny's, 1810, Cha Da Thai, Dish, Italian Kitchen, Bella Sera and dozens more. 

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Nite on the Town Restaurant Discount Card, image and link

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View the California Brewing Company Menu

Restaurant: California Brewing Company

Where: 100 Main St., Alhambra

Phone: (626) 943-8430

Reservations: Not needed

Cocktails: Yes

Service: Tableside wait service

Atmosphere: Casual

Outdoor Dining: Yes

Credit Cards: All major except Diners

Kid’s Menu: Yes

Senior Discount: No

Food to Go: Yes

Catering Menu: Yes

CBC is located at 100 Main St. in Alhambra

Homemade brews are made in big tanks right on the premises

CBC offers a full bar, in addition to its beers

Guests watch the NBA Finals on recently added big screen TV

They looked (and tasted) so good we ate most of the Waikiki wings before we remembered to take a picture

Club Sandwich with waffle fries

BBQ Pork Sandwich with coleslaw

½ Roasted Chicken and ½ Rack of Ribs Combo, one of the “Fire Grilled Platters.”

DOT COM DINING A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by        


CA Brewing Company Food as Good as the Brews


By Bill Coburn


California Brewing Company in Alhambra offers some really good beers (in addition to their full bar), and under new management has revamped its menu, brought in a new chef, and upgraded the customer dining experience.  General Manager Joe Rodriguez didn’t just come in and change things, he studied the menu and sales for six months or so before deciding what were the best sellers and what just wasn’t catching people’s fancy.  He brought in a chef he’d worked with before, and together they added items that they knew were sure to be attractive to the clientele.  The brewery already had a top notch brewmeister, who, in addition to the popular Indian Pale Ale, Blonde Beer and others, also creates special brews for the time of the year, including a popular pumpkin beer at Halloween, and the beer that came in my sampler that I never thought I’d enjoy, but did, a cherry flavored beer.  These beers are designed for people who might not like beer, but want something a little more “flavorful.”


I started out with a beer sampler, which included five of CBC’s home brews, including the aforementioned cherry beer.  It also included the IPA, the blonde, their wheat hefeweizen, and a beer the waitress described as a European bitter.  I enjoyed them, though the European bitter is definitely not my usual taste, but it may be yours.  Katie tried the cherry beer, and liked it, and Katie hates beer.


On to the food.  We ordered the Waikiki Wings for an appetizer.  They are flame grilled and tossed in a teriyaki sauce and served with veggies and ranch dressing.  Unlike most wings, which are made of little drumettes, these were good sized, not as big as a drumsticks from the chicken place, but much larger than most “wing” orders.  The teriyaki sauce was quite tasty, and had a bit of a kick to it.  It was a good way to start our meal.


Katie ordered the BBQ Pork Sandwich, slow roasted shoulder sautéed with their spicy barbecue sauce and served on a toasted bun. Sandwiches come with a choice of waffle fries, fruit salad or coleslaw. Keelan ordered the CBC Club, which is made with your choice of ham or turkey, bacon, lettuce or tomato, with Swiss cheese and served on white or wheat bread.  I ordered the ½ Roasted Chicken and ½ Rack of Ribs Combo, one of the “Fire Grilled Platters.”  It was served with cream of corn, coleslaw, sautéed veggies and garlic bread.  I decided not to have the cup of soup or salad (house or Caesar), optional at $2.50.


We all dug in after our entrees were served, and Keelan, who seems to be developing a flair for the dramatic these days, said “About the food here?  I’m speechless.”  Of course I pointed out that a good review required words, and couldn’t be done if we were all speechless.  In any event, he really enjoyed his sandwich, ordered with turkey, and the waffle fries that came with it.  Katie enjoyed the BBQ Pork Sandwich, and having tasted some of my meal, pointed out that the sauces were definitely different, unlike many places that have one barbecue sauce they try to use for everything, when different foods really can best be enhanced with the use of different styles of sauces.  The sauce on my chicken and ribs was more hickory smoked, where the sauce on the pork was sweeter and spicier.


I was quite happy with my Combo dinner.  The portions were good, the taste was delicious, and the side orders were tasty as well.  There’s a long history of problems with me and cream corn, but I tried theirs anyway, and it was pretty good, and if you knew my history with creamed corn, that’s saying a lot.  The coleslaw was served with a ring of pineapple on top, and I suppose I should have tried them together to tell you how it worked out, but I like my pineapple straight, unless it’s got a mai tai under it.   The coleslaw was good, the pineapple was good, so I guess they’d be good together.  Stop by and try them together and let me know, ok?  The sautéed vegetables included green and yellow squash and carrots.  Keelan ate the squash (not a squash fan, myself) and loved it, I enjoyed the carrots.


For dessert, we split the chocolate brownie sundae, and it was a fine ending to an enjoyable evening.  CBC offers live musical entertainment late nights on the weekend, but since we were there on a Tuesday, I can’t tell you about that.  However, there was a good crowd in the bar enjoying the Dodger game and the NBA finals on several TVs, including a new big screen that’s just been added.


CBC is one of several restaurants on the block and in the neighborhood that are drawing crowds in the revitalized Alhambra downtown district.  I was really surprised to see how the area has changed since I lived and worked not far from there in the early eighties.  A lot of money has been invested, and the city now has a thriving nightlife.  And CBC plays its role, by offering live entertainment, good food, good brews, and a full bar.  You can view the new menu at


If you happen to stop by downtown Alhambra and/or CBC this Saturday evening, (or any Saturday during the summer) you might want to also consider a post-dinner walk down the block to Rick’s Drive-In and Out, which I reviewed a few weeks back, where live music will also be performed on their outdoor patio.  This week’s band, performing from 7 to 11pm, is called LA Blues.  


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