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View the Clearman's Galley/Boat Menu

The Boat is located at 8976 Huntington Dr., just off the corner of Rosemead in Clearmanís Village.

The condiments are stored on a boat, too

All burgers come with chili sauce on them

The Chicken sandwich


The big beer on the right is a 25 oz. mug

Tamale plate comes with a salad and two pieces of cheese bread, pictured here with ranch on the side

Rendering of proposed Clearman/Kohl plaza

DOT COM DINING A Look At San Gabriel Valley Restaurants by        


Youíre Not Missing the Boat When You Eat at Clearmanís Galley


By Bill Coburn


Due to an illness in the family, we did not get out this week.  Hereís a reprint of an article from a few months ago, about a landmark San Gabriel Valley restaurant.  Iíve updated most of the prices mentioned, but donít know for sure about the price of the cheese bread and the loaf of bread, which are discussed in this article.  They may have changed.  Also, I will try to update the menu on the website before the paper comes out, but a lot depends on the progression of the illness.  Itís possible it wonít get done.  However, most of the price changes are minimal, a quarter here, forty-five cents there.  I will note at the top of the menu if it has been updated.  I also donít know if the Kohlís rendering is still available for viewing, however, if that interests you, you can find it at, click on the ďWhatís NewĒ link.


Way back in the late Ď70s, when I had just become of drinking age, I used to like to go to Clearmanís Galley, aka the Boat, because they had these great big beers and good, big burgers besides.  Well, in the mid-eighties I moved down to Orange County, for about a decade.  In the early nineties, I moved back into the San Gabriel Valley, and started gradually making my way back to some of my old haunts.  One of these was The Boat, and when I made my way down there, I realized just how much Iíd been missing the boat by not getting back there sooner, because, as I discovered, I really had missed The Boat.  While Iím a little older now, and the big beer is no longer the main attraction for me (weíll talk about the garlic cheese bread shortly), the Boat is still a great place to go to have a casual meal, watch some sports, and yes, have a big beer.


Clearmanís Galley, its official name, was an actual sea-going boat, delivering mail between San Francisco and Alaska, beginning in 1913.  John Clearman, who started Clearmanís Steak and Stein Inn in Pico Rivera in 1946, and North Woods Inn in 1966, bought the ship as a personal use boat out of Long Beach, and in 1968, he brought it to the corner of Rosemead Blvd. and Huntington Dr., in San Gabriel.  The Galley, which draws its name from its galley style kitchen- service, started as a hamburger stand with walk-up service and patio dining.  To this day, you go directly into the kitchen, grab a tray, and order directly from the cooks, who make the food up while you watch.  In 1970, indoor dining was added to the south of the boat, which has since been expanded to allow room for big screen TVs that draw large crowds for various sporting events.  Sunday afternoon and evening and Monday night football at the Boat are traditions for many sports fans who drop by to have dinner while watching ďthe game.Ē


The Boat is located at 8976 Huntington Dr., just off the corner of Rosemead in Clearmanís Village.  Clearmanís Village is in transition, and when youíre in Clearmanís Galley, you can see a scale rendering of a proposed alteration to the Village which will bring a Kohlís department store in.  Fortunately, thereís plenty of room for Clearmanís Galley to stay, and it appears that there will be plenty of parking, so weíll still be able to find a spot near this great burger joint.


Iíve tried the Cheeseburger (the burgers are all served with lettuce, tomato, 1000 island and Clearmanís own chili sauce), the chili size, and the chicken sandwich.  All were good, but I give a slight nod to the chili size, because it comes with a salad and two slices of cheese bread, for just $5.95.  The cheese bread is the kind of thing that I eat and then say, I need more of that.  Iíve gone back three or four times for more, at just .45 per slice, itís a great tasting complement to the meal.  Katie frequently gets the tamale plate, also covered in chili sauce, and also with a salad and two slices of cheese bread, again for $5.75.  Katie says to tell you that she often brings half the salad and half the tamale (or more) home and has it for lunch the next day.  Keelan had the cheeseburger this time, and was loving it; in the past heís had the kidís chicken strip meal, which Iíve finished for him a time or two, and itís a good chicken breast strip.


The Boat also offers fish and chips, a beef dip, a chicken dinner, fried shrimp dinner and several other tasty entrees.  You can find The Boatís complete menu online at


You can also buy Clearmanís cheese spread by the pint at grocery stores, but youíll find itís a much better deal when you pick it up at the Galley.  The spread is $2.95/pint, and you can pick up a loaf of their bread for just $1.95.  Weíve done this a few times, and love to cook some up to go with Katieís home made spaghetti or lasagna. 


So stop by Clearmanís Galley, and youíll see why after nearly forty years, The Boat is still going strong.


Bill Coburn is owner of, a restaurant website featuring dozens of restaurantís menus, as well as downloadable coupons.  He has nearly 20 years experience in the restaurant business, and has been eating for much longer than that.

All menus (and prices) are subject to change without notice, menu items are subject to availability.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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