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Nite on the Town Restaurant Discount Card, image and link

The Nite On The Town Card is an exclusive membership card that enables the holder to dine at a dizzying variety of the San Gabriel Valley's most popular restaurants at a discounted price.

Simply include your card when paying your check. If you are a party of two, one of your entrees (equal or lower priced) will be free or substantially reduced in price. If there are four or more in your party, two of your entrees will be free or reduced in price and you can visit each restaurant up to three times during 2011 and get a great discount each time

Periodically, readers save $5 off the $30 price of the card.  Check back for savings.

Partial list of NOTT Card participants

Beckham Grill, La Fiesta Grande, El Portal, Stoney Point, Radhika, Firefly Bistro, Cafe Mundial, Central Park, Matt Denny's, 1810, Cha Da Thai, Dish, Italian Kitchen, Bella Sera and dozens more. 

Click here to view the complete list, and to see the discount each restaurant offers to Nite On The Town Card holders.

Nite on the Town Restaurant Discount Card, image and link

(NOTT) Night on the Town Participant

(EB) = Entertainment Coupon Book Participant 

(SD) = Senior Citizens' Discounts

(EBD) = Early Bird Dinner menu available

(BW) = beer and wine served

(COUP) - Has one or more coupons available on our site

(OD) = Outdoor Dining

(R) = Reservations accepted

(CKTL) = full cocktail service

(F) = Faxed in orders are accepted

(BQ) = Banquets

(BRU) = Brunch

(TG) = food to go is available

(C) = Catering menu available

(Z) = Zagat rated

(W) = Weddings

(D) = Delivery available, contact store for service area/charges

(K) = Kids menu available

(24/7) Open 24 hours

(LE) - Live Entertainment, call for times and schedules

American Food

Alpha Omega Drive Thru Covina (TG) (OD) (K)

Barney's Ltd. Old Town Pasadena (BW) (OD) (K) (TG)

Barney's Only Place in Town (BW) (OD) (TG) (C) (BQ) (R) (K) (CC)

Bean Town Coffee Bar Sierra Madre (TG) (OD)

Big Mama's Rib Shack Pasadena (BW) (TG) (F) (R) (D) (C) (BQ) (K) (Z)

Beckham Grill  Pasadena  (CKTL) (R) (OD) (BQ) (TG) (BQ) (K) (Z)

Central Park  Pasadena   (BW) (TG) (C) (K)

Charcuterie, Sierra Madre (BW) (OD) (C) (LE) (TG) (K) (CC)

Clearman's Galley (The Boat) San Gabriel/Temple City/San Marino Border (CKTL) (OD) (TG) (K) (CC)

Clearman's North Woods Inn Covina  (CKTL) (TG) (K) (BQ) (CC)

Clearman's North Woods Inn La Mirada  (CKTL) (TG) (K) (BQ) (CC)

Clearman's North Woods Inn  San Gabriel  (CKTL) (TG) (K) (BQ) (CC)

Clearman's Steak 'n Stein Inn Pico Rivera  (CKTL) (R) (K) (CC) (BQ)

Connal's Burgers, Salads & Subs Pasadena (OD) (TG)

Connal's Burgers, Salads & Subs  Upland (OD) (TG)

Corky's Place  Azusa (TG) (R) (C) (Y) (D) (CC) (COUP)

Diner on Main, Alhambra (CKTL) (TG) (K)

Dockside Grill West Covina (CKTL) (LE) (BQ) (TG) (F) (R) (K) (NOTT)

Edward's Steakhouse El Monte (CKTL) (TG) (D) (F) (R6+) (C) (BQ) (K) (Z) (NOTT)

Flappy Jack's Pancake House Restaurant Glendora (TG) (R-wkdysonly) (K) (SD)

Fresco's Family Restaurant  Sierra Madre (TG) (C) (SD) (OD) (BQ)

Giovanni's International Restaurant Covina (BW) (R) (TG) (OD)

Green Street Restaurant Pasadena (CKTL) (OD) (TG) (C) (R 5+) (D) (K) (SD)

Home Brew Coffee Co. San Dimas (OD) (C) (LE) (TG) (K) (EB) (COUP)

Jake's Roadhouse Monrovia (BW) (BQ) (TG) (C) (OD)

Jim's Famous 1/4lb. Charbroiled Burgers Monrovia (TG) (OD)

Manny's El Loco Covina (TG) (K) (SD) (C)

Manny's El Loco West Covina (TG) (K) (SD) (C)

Mary's Market and Cafe Sierra Madre (TG) (OD) (EBD) (COUP)

Matt Denny's Alehouse Arcadia (CKTL) (K) (NOTT)

Moffett's Family Restaurant  Arcadia (BW) (TG) (K)

Mr. Baguette Rosemead (TG) (OD) (F)

Nano Cafe Monrovia (OD) (BQ) (C) (TG) (D)

Nikki C's Restaurant and Bar Pasadena (CKTL) (TG) (R)

Outback Steakhouse, Arcadia (CKTL) (OD) (TG) (F) (K) (Z)

Outback Steakhouse Covina (CKTL) (TG) (F) (K) (Z)

Peppertree Cafe  Glendora (BW) (TG) (BQ) (SM) (R 8+)

Rick's Drive In and Out Alhambra (TG) (OD)

Restaurant Lozano Sierra Madre (CKTL) (R) (C) (COUP)

Sam's Deli and Kabob Room  Monrovia (BW) (OD) (CC) (TG) (F) (R) (C) (BQ) (COUP)

Sandwich City Covina (OD) (TG) (F) (C)

Shakers South Pasadena  (BW) (TG) (K)

Shrimp Ahoy Seafood Restaurant Arcadia (BW) (TG) (K) (EBD) (COUP)

Shrimp House El Monte (BW) (TG) (K) (EBD) (COUP)

Stuffed Sandwich San Gabriel (BW) (OD) (TG) (C) (K) (BQ) (Z)

T Burgers Monrovia (TG) (OD) (COUP)

Tops Burgers (Walnut St.) Pasadena (TG) (OD)

Ugo's Italian Gourmet  Sierra Madre (TG) (OD) (BW) (F)

Victor's Villa Burgers Drive-thru West Covina (BW) (TG) (OD) (K) (COUP)

Wild Thyme  South Pasadena (BW) (TG) (K) (BRU)

Wolfe Burgers Old Town Pasadena (BW) (OD) (TG) (R) (C) (EB)

All menus (and prices) are subject to change without notice, menu items are subject to availability.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

When visiting these restaurants, be sure to mention that you saw them on San Gabriel Valley, so that our clients know their advertising dollars are well spent!!  Thanks.

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